December 5, 2004

Adventures in Blogging

First, wanted to give a shout-out to Mike's Progressive Ruin, which celebrates its first birthday (and is better toilet trained than my godson. You all know how I feel about this site.

Speaking of blogging (and comics), the Accordian Guy has tracked down this 1950's blog reference. Trust me, kids, it's history, and you should know.

Also, Ian Brill is onto something - let's call Marvel right now!

Both Yet Another Comics Blog and Polite Dissent are doing the comic advent calendar thing, and I am proud to have made a small contribution.

Ringwood gives me a good reason to dislike John Byrne (not that I needed any more, mind you...)

A huge shout-out to my homie Ajay, aka the Idle Muser, on his upcoming nuptuals (and if my behavior at my pal Terry's shindig was any indication, my mojo is coming back in full force).

Finally, just a heads-up on a movie you should avoid like the plague - Saved. Although the premise seems interesting (Heathers done in a Christian school), it quickly degenerates into a preachy, h-let-go-of-your-sanctimoniousness-and-really-be-God-like shambles.(Hear that? That's the creaking of the writing, moving towards the obvious conclusion) Only the stereotypical bad girl rises above cliche, and gives the movie a little heart. Whenever I hear a conservative complaining about liberal bias, I usually dismiss them - however, I will give them the benefit of the doubt with this movie.

In other words, I owe my pal Mark a deep apology.

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