December 4, 2004


I have to be honest - I'm definitely a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/December holidays.

It's not that I never got what I wanted as a kid - I was spoiled materialistically. (Being an only child helps). It has just seemed like the majority of bad/unpleasant things that have happened - mostly losing people and major life transitions - have always been in December. (OK, I once experienced a breakup on Valentine's Day, but other than that...) Plus, with the way my family treats Christmas - less like a time of celebration and goodwill and more like the invasion of Normandy - it can bring a guy down. Seriously down. Close all the shades and crank up the Joy Division kind of down.

However, things seem different - maybe it's the fact that I'm watching SCTV on DVD as I'm hanging my (somewhat minimal) Christmas decorations. Maybe it's something in the air, or maybe it's just the year I've had...but somehow, I'm really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. I'm starting to feel better about the impending holiday. I may even break out some Christmas tunes. I may, at some point, list the tracks on an Xmas CD I burned for pals.

And if some of you are really nice, I may send you (upon request) a Gmail invitation.

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