December 22, 2004

But I Saw Myself More Jon Pertwee-ish

Yes, it's another one of those kind of posts....

The Fifth Doctor
You are the Fifth Doctor: Your youthful exterior
belies your centuries of experience, and even
you have a bit of difficulty rectifying these
two aspects of your personality. You are
compassionate, introspective, and deeply
troubled by injustice. If you occasionally seem
to display more vulnerability than your
predecessors, it's probably because you're more
openly human than they were. Are your
companions finally rubbing off on you?

Which Incarnation of the Doctor Are You?
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Dorian said...

Anytime I do any kind of variation of this quiz, I get the Seventh Doctor...apparently I am dark and mysterious and prone to retcons and my best adventures happened in the novel series and most of the fans of the show don't appreciate me...

Psychbloke said...

Now I am the third doctor, but I kinda wanted to be number four really....