December 23, 2004

Take the 2005 Blog THIS Pal Pledge!

Hello, everyone,

Even though we're in 2004, many of you are thinking about the coming year, and it is in that spirit in which I ask you to take the Blog THIS, Pal! Pledge

In no particular order, here goes:
  1. If you live in St. Louis, you will no longer refer to the "World's Fair of 1904", the "Lewis & Clark" spirit, or anything that promotes nostalgia for St. Louis as it once was. Promise to actually get up, get out, and do something to improve the city. Check out the Arch City Chronicle and Arch Pundit if you want to be in the know.
  2. Do what this New York columnist has decided to do. You'll thank me for it later.
  3. For those who are still upset over Identity Crisis, how it ended, or still pitching the whole "violence against women" argument...get over it and move on. It's over. Deal. Life endures.
  4. Support your local comic shops, book stores (especially independent ones), and your public library. They make a difference in your community, and anything that encourages people to read is always cool.
  5. 2005 is my employer's 40th anniversary, and we're pulling out the stops. If you believe in substance abuse prevention and youth, feel free to either support our efforts and/or support local organization in your area with similar ideals. You'll be glad you did. (And if you want to support my employer, e-mail me privately for the info).
Thanks, and to everyone -
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Channukah
  • Bountiful Kwanzaa
  • Best of holidays no matter what you celebrate!
Thanks for reading!

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