January 16, 2005

Short Takes

First, a little something found on Laura and Johnny Bacardi's blogs:

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Since I have a little catching up to do, here are some remarks about comics, shows, and stuff that I've experienced in the past few weeks. These are short take reviews, in honor of J.D. Considine, music writer, who could make (or break) an album in 40 words or less:

Star Trek: Enterprise - Daedalus: The second real clunker of the fourth season, trailing behind the season opener. What should have been a cool episode (we meet the guy who invented the transporter) turns into a standard science fiction "learning-to-let-loved-ones-go" story. You've gotta do better, guys.

Breach # 1: So the guy who wrote this used to be editor-in-chief at Marvel? Explains a lot. Love the art, though.

Teen Titans # 19: The end of the time-travel arc, and it comes to an...interesting conclusion. It's not one of my regular reads, but is satisfactory.

JSA # 69: Another time-travel arc, and it's a middle-of-the-arc story, where our "modern" heroes meet (or miss) their Golden Age counterparts. Some brilliant character bits (like Johnny Thunder), some rather trite moments (like with...but that would be telling). Oh, and does anyone else find the last page creepy and slightly misogynistic?

Farscape, Season Three, Episodes One Through Nine: Sadly, the closest America will ever come to the genius of Blake's Seven. More ideas, clever writing, and cool acting in these episodes than you can shake a stick at, if that's your idea of a good time.

Legion of Super Heroes # 1 - Mixed feelings: I'm a Legion Fanboy from way back, but thought recent reboots were simply retelling old stories. Some clever ideas (like Micro Lad), but having a wait-and-see approach. Promising, though.

Green Lantern: Rebirth # 3 - Oh, so it was an alien fear-based life form all along? I liked this better when it was told as Day of the Dove on the old Star Trek series. Thank you, overly nostalgic fanboys - thank you really frickin' much.

Ultimates 2 # 2 - Some really clever ideas, but this book makes one wonder if Mark Millar secretly wishes he was Jerry Bruckheimer's screenwriter.

Doctor Who Magazine # 351 - the last issue before the "new look" (and Christopher Eccleston Doctor) appears. Some really great features, including a free CD of two excellent audio stories, "The Coup" (featuring UNIT) and "Silver Lining" (featuring Bernice Summerfield) . Good enough reason to be alive.

JLA: Classified # 2 - Although the style can be a bit grating, Grant Morrison pulls out the stops. His Superman better be this awesome.

Green Arrow # 46 - Definitely removing this book from my pull file. The art is really cool, but the story...and I'm tiring from Mia's whining after three issues. Good excuse to drop off, if you are looking for one.

ADDITION: JLA 110 - Another mid-arc tale, which definitely gives us some nuance into how the CSA is dealing with our world. Kurt Busiek should win an award for his deft handling - yes, this is close to fanboy porn, but this hits the sweet spots so well. Definitely can't wait for the conclusion.

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