January 31, 2005

Sortin' Through The Sticky Notes

First, a big happy (though probably belated) birthday to Fred Hembeck - I wish I could remember when I first saw his work (long before he destroyed the Marvel Universe). He's a singular talent and a slightly warped mind, although not necessarily in that order. (Just added his blog to my blogroll). Happy birthday, Fred.

Secondly, according to this item an item mentioned in this post is false. I now must make Fred Hembeck cake.

Visited my local comic shop to pick up my stash, and the clerk remarked about how well I knew my subscription. I told him that, long ago and far away, a neglectful clerk forgot to put Watchmen 12 in my pull file, and so that traumatized me enough to be careful. Plus, since I didn't read 20 X-books, I could keep track of what I read.

This led to a typical fannish discussion - why is Dr. Strange used as Mr. Exposition? In Marvel (especially in Avengers Dissassembled by Tim "Tool Man" Taylor), Dr. Strange is the guy who essentially says, "I've been in another dimension, so I couldn't save you, but here's what has happened." I'm sure that, by this logic, the thinking would be, "Hey, Dr. Strange, you and Silver Surfer work your cosmic mojo and whomp that sucker - Namor, Hulk and I are gonna grab some brewskis." Great in his 60's (and 80's) stuff, yet Dr. Strange is kind of like the Spectre of DC - he comes in to explain things, but won't pull in his fair share. Hell, at least Johnny Thunder used his frickin' Thunderbolt once in awhile....

Finally, my mom's in the hospital again - I called her, and she sounds ok, but thoughts, prayers, and other good vibes are welcome.

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