March 11, 2005

This Week's Reviews

Going to be away from the keyboard for awhile - work related stuff today (another 14 hour day!), the SLACO conference tomorrow....maybe it's time I considered submitting my Inferior 5 proposal to DC, and get out of the social service racket.

Anyway, onto this week's graphic literature, I suppose....

Legend # 1 - I've always wanted to read Gladiator by Phillip Wylie, but could never find an in-print edition; Chaykin and Heath do a great job in telling this story. A well-needed realistic take that, even though it's over 70 years old, is a breath of fresh air. Go figure.

Amazing Joy Buzzards # 3 - Mike, you don't have to be "hep and happening" to like this book. It's like a 21st century version of the Monkees written by Josh Whedon. It's just a plain cool comic.

Terra Firma # 6 - between this and Promethea, I'm wondering if Alan Moore has lost it. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck went wrong.

JSA # 71 - As much as this is pure fanboy glee, Geoff Johns has managed to 1) pick up the pace and start putting the plot together, and 2) make Degaton into a major threat. However, I sure hope he does not retcon the final arc of James Robinson's Starman.

(And an aside - thanks, DC, for kowtowing to an audience that wants to turn the tables back on comics. I think I am seriously going to boycott the new Green Lantern series. No, it's not that I hate Hal Jordan - I just want to stop before they revive Barry Allen)

Shining Knight # 1 - More Morrison madness; at the very least, there's a slightly clever retcon/reconciliation of this younger Knight to his older counterpart in the original Seven Soldiers of Victory; see if you can figure it out. This is looking very promising.

The Matrix Online: the Official Magazine - Got this for free, and I can see why: originally, it had a $5.99 price tag. However, given that it's 1) as thick as a comic book and 2) is about a video game, it probably wasn't a mover. (And my retailer was told it was to be handed out free - that's a big red flag).

Finally, in the spirit of Dorian's review of the new Doctor Who, I urge all of you to click here and buy this DVD. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

OK I'll bite...what's the retcon-ciliation you're talking about in Shining Knight?

Gordon D said...

Simple, really (possible spoilers)....

This "Shining Knight" is simply a past version of the original SSoV Shining Knight.

(We will, of course, have to wait for the end of the series - even if this version stays in the present, he has the green time stream thing)

Anonymous said...

Ok, gotcha. You're saying that since this is a younger Sir Justin, there is nothing to stop him from going back to his time (roughly) and getting involved in that Ogre mix-up later (in his personal timeline, at least). The old time-traveller loophole. I thought perhaps that you'd caught something in the text that I missed.