February 14, 2005

I Hate Valentine's Day

That's right - I hate this holiday. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

First, every girlfriend and/or breakup I have had has been on this day. Yeah, really romantic, isn't it? You see hearts and flowers, I see emotional trauma.

Secondly, if you read the history of St. Valentine, you soon learn that it has nothing to do with romance, and everything to do with martyrdom. I mean, crikey, Peter Parker has seen more action than I have!

Plus, I have to admit - rough day at work today. Got chewed out for a really dumb mistake, but now, it's over, I've moved on.

Oh, well, at least I'll always have comics...and by the way, be sure to check out this contest. (Beaucoup Kevin has a contest too).

But enough with the bitterness....it's time for bed.

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