February 16, 2005

Your Future Dream Is A Shopping Scheme

...or, various happenings in the blogosphere.

First, somewhere, out there, Mike is sobbing heavily, wondering, "What in the name of Alec Holland was I thinking?" (To see everyone who participated, including my own entry, click here)

For my good pal Mark, I give you the Ramones Name Generator.

Beaucoup Kevin, I believe, has precisely summed up my feelings for the upcoming Wrath of the Spectre trade. (Of course, I had to explain to my local comic shop owner what it was as I tried ot have it added to my pull file...sad indeed).

To those Star Trek fans who wish to save Enterprise....please read this site first. At the very least, check out this news on a special edition of a movie you must see. If you don't, me and my pals will come by (and Brian and I hope you know kung fu). On a related note, what is with these guys? They have a lot of cool stuff to talk about, but they're like Mike and Dorian without the charisma.

Thanks to Michelle for this interesting article on "the friend zone".

In other Trek news, JMS has thrown his hat into the ring. Um, Mr. Straczynski, I thought you already wrote Trek, but just called it Crusade to avoid lawsuits. Just what we need - Trek with foreshadowing caked on like Tammy Faye's makeup, just like on Jeremiah. Thank God it's looking more like Doctor Who is getting an American outlet.

(I kid JMS. I really do. He seems to have more of a sense of humor than, say, Harlan Ellison)

Finally, for fellow lovers of the band The Who - I'm talking to you, Fred Hembeck and Tom the Dog, one question - The Who Sell Out, pro or con?

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