February 11, 2005

Tales from the Pull File

You know, that's the problem with leaving your pull file go too long - way, way too many comics to read. But it's empty, I've read my stash, and now, I share my thoughts with you.

Amazing Joy Buzzards # 1 - how can you not love a book that has punk rock, Mexican wrestlers, and pink robots? Sheer fun from beginning to end.

Young Avengers # 1 - cool premise (what if fanboys decided to become superheroes), a not-quite obvious twist, but some awkward moments. At least, I'll check out number 2.

JLA # 111 - the middle of the Crime Syndicate arc, and quite frankly, interesting. Busiek is at least giving us some great twists and turns in this. I'm glad I went on this ride.

Planetary # 22 - Although I enjoy the nods to past comic/pulp characters, there is a slight feeling of "get on with it". Hopefully, the story's going somewhere.

The Ultimates 2 # 3 - Soon to be a candidate for removal. I feel Millar always pulls a bait-and-switch when he's writing: hey, kids, here's some cool concepts, but first you have to wade through some cliches.

Supreme Power # 15 - Do you ever get the feeling that JMS writes his books like one-hour dramas? If so, please let me know. Enjoyable, but again, some really awkward moments.

JSA # 70 - Things actually pick up, a great "explanation" for earlier facts, and the buildup towards a future arc. Fanboy continuity porn at its finest.

Powers # 8 - I'm unsure if this is the start of a new arc, or a continuation of a previous one. However, it is a really interesting premise, and (for my money) Bendis' best book.

Green Arrow # 47 - Thanks to the writing and art, I felt as if I was reading a Mad magazine parody of Green Arrow. Not enjoyable, definitely worth removing from the pull file.

JLA Classified # 3 - This book is steeped in Morrison-isms, yet seems fun and refreshing. I honestly can't wait for his Superman.

Ultimate Fantastic Four # 15 - There is a reviewer out on the net who, although he states he has been reviewing comics for 20 some years, often (to me) writes like a ten year old. He might find this book "cool" because the FF explore a "new universe"; I didn't because I found myself thinking, "Get on with it." Probably going to remove this one from the pull file as well.

Exiles # 59 - yes, I'm a latecomer to the book (started with 40-something, have a few of the trades), and this is a "sequel" to an earlier story, but I really enjoyed it. It's simply a fun ride, and I'm getting the feeling that the status quo will be slightly shaken.

Hellboy: the Movie - I can honestly say that, thanks to this excellent movie, I will be checking out the book. I cannot praise it more highly than that.

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