February 9, 2005

This Is Why I Dig Fred Hembeck

The man goes out of his way to promote my blog (See the February 9th entry), and makes a gratuitous pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman reference!

(Also, Mr. Hembeck - the reason why I don't post my last name is that it's kinda difficult to pronounce. Believe me - you'd have bloggers everywhere getting into bare knuckle debates, and it wouldn't be pretty. It would be Identity Crisis all over again, and hey, if it works for these guys, it'll work for me...although I seriously wish I could change my name to Johnny Bacardi. How cool a name is that? It would get me trouble at work, though...)

Oh, and for all of you readers wanting the necessary pop culture-related entry, I just saw The Bourne Identity. Good rental. Also, read Across the Universe: the DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore. You'll thank me later.

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