February 7, 2005

Useless Data

For the longest time, I envied blogs that revealed the various searches that led people to content (much like this recent post from Dorian); however, having put a tracking thingie on the blog, I checked to see how people came to my blog.

First, if you use Google or Yahoo, you had an equal chance of getting here. (Score one for the Alta Vista dude for being creative). Almost one fifth of my total traffic came from these two blogs, but only (I believe) because they wrote blogs around mine.

Anyway, here are the searches:

Peter Davison: OK, I blogged enough about Doctor Who, now let's see if I can drive traffic up with hot Colin Baker nude photos

Jolene Blalock blog: Please don't, Ms. Blalock. Seriously. The last thing we need is a blog named after a Dolly Parton song.

aa meetings Ballwin MO: I don't know of any myself, but if you need them, please head here or here

"Superman/Batman 14" "download": Kids, if you can pay for internet access, you can pay the three bucks for a frickin' comic book

Insult Comic Dog Ian American Idol: Inspired by this excellent post....for me to poop on!

Julliard Blog: Remember - drugs and blogs don't mix.

Jamie Lee Curtis Stripping in the Movie True Lies/Jamie Lee Curtis Strip Scene True Lies: It took me awhile to figure out why I was linked, but it was this long-forgotten post. Also, kids, if you want to see nude scenes in movies, rent them. E-mail me, and I'll even send you a free trial for Netflix. You'll thank me for it later. (See the Superman/Batman comment above for a rationale)

Blog Jolene Blalock: Who wouldn't? (Just kidding - again, see above for rationale)

mid-life crisis comics - women: Something tells me that, if he didn't like Swamp Thing so much, this would be Mike's favorite comic.

KROOZIN MUSIC CHICAGO: Understandable - great record shop. Now, it's an expansion site for Kelly High School (my dad and uncle's alma mater). Sad - now we're stuck in a Sam Goody/Musicland retail hell. I pray for the younger generation.

blogspot & kooey: I loved this show when I was a kid, especially the part when Kooey learned a valuable lesson in friendship.

So remember, dear reader - have fun, blog responsibly, and never wear Aqua Velva. You'll smell like your grandfather.

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Brent said...

Aqua Velva? I thought it was Old Spice you were supposed to avoid!! *LOL*