February 6, 2005

We're Number 2!

Just a few random musings, mostly to keep my hand in the blogosphere. Not really going to watch the Super Bowl (after the Bears won in '87, they broke my heart), so I'm going to listen to tons of music (including Doctor Who: Spare Parts - if anyone knows a St. Louis distributor of Big Finish Audios, please let me know), watch The Bourne Identity, and basically chill.

Good news, though - my pals and I came in second place at my employer's Trivia Night. (For those not in St. Louis, you basically pay to answer trivia questions, and win stuff). Highlight: round 1 bonus was matching secret identities to pseudonyms. I took care of that within 30 seconds. A childhood spent reading comics pays off!

The hot date I spoke about awhile ago - got stuck in the "friend zone". However, since her job keeps her busy, it's cool. I kind of enjoy being an international man of mystery, and right now, have some other things that need my attention.

Finally, had to clean up the blogroll (got several error messages for one or two), and added Brent's blog. Good to see you back, pal.

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Michelle said...

You should read this very amusing blog post regarding "the friend zone."