March 21, 2005

No Time for Dreams When Commerce Calls

You know the sad thing? It's Monday, and I've already feeling like it's one heck of a week.

Part of it is taking a three day weekend - had to play catch-up with e-mail, phone calls, etc. Luckily, all of my community liaisons left me alone - in fact, the highlight of my day was developing a workshop based on a Monty Python sketch. In fact, looking at my schedule for the next few weeks, if I take a will cost me big time.

Right now, I'm also prepping to testify (for work) before the St. Louis County Council - at least, the Justice and Health Committee. I know, it's not the usual pop culture/comic schtick I usually post on - would it help that I'm going to dress like a hot and sexy Raymond Burr?

It's the same trip I always find myself in - pushing myself, overcommitting, taking on a little too much - or, at the very least, not practicing any decent self-management techniques. If I'm not careful, I'll begin isolating, drawing in, moving from office to home without any personal time in between.

Sorry 'bout the angst, but needed to get it out, and admit that Graham Parker was right - nobody hurts you harder than yourself.

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