March 23, 2005

Scene Here Pretty Hum-Drum

Let's see, comic-wise - I urge you to read Guardian # 1, Legend # 2 (I really dig how Chaykin moved the timeline up - this issue takes place in the 1960s and 1970s),and JLA Classified # 3; I'm still recovering from yesterday's most excellentCounty council meeting, and, well, really have nothing major to blog about, so just some random items this time out.

First, thanks to Johanna at Cognitive Dissonance for linking to this post and referring to this one. Now, I'm obligated to add her to my blogroll, and she seems to be a person of impeccable taste.

Just purchased the Justice League Unlimited: Saving the World DVD for only ten bucks - as someone who is too cheap to get cable, it's a good sampler until the season boxes come out. My mini-review: hate the new theme, love the expanded roster, think Kin Shriner (who has experience playing nice-guys-gone-cynical) makes a great Green Arrow, loved the Hawk & Dove episode, and thought that the "Kid Stuff" episode was more fun than humanly possible. Hint to DC: fire your current creative staff and hire the producers of Justice League. You'll sell tons of books.

(A baby, fire breathing Etrigan? Worth the price of admission)

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