May 14, 2005

Trekkin' Out

Well, it's over - Enterprise aired its final two episodes last night, and all in all, a completely mixed bag.

"Terra Prime", if anything, served as a right and final ending for the series, even if it hit all the cliche notes. (The "you-are-a-hypocrite" gambit, the "traitor-within" gambit). However, there is a speech at the end by Archer that sums it all up - that is probably the single best bit of writing not only on Enterprise...but in all of Star Trek.

Then, of course, "These Are the Voyages", which might have made an incredibly mediocre Next Generation episode, but did a complete disservice to Enterprise. To Mr. Berman and Braga, just a note - having three starships Enterprise fly by at the end, with the opening narration from the original series spoken by three "captains" (including Archer) - although a cool idea - does not constitute a "valentine to the fans." Please don't let the door hit you on the way out.

But anyway, onto another matter - as you may be aware, sides are being taken in the Rann Vs. Thanagar war. Count me in on the Thanagar side, because if you compare:
Thanagar - big, beefy guys with Nth-metal wings, carrying maces, flying starships, basically conquering anything that gets in their way. Khunds wish they were Thanagarians.

Rann - skinny, wussy guys with goofy glasses, with ray guns, jet packs, and use "Zeta beams" to get around. Their biggest challenge is flying magnifying glasses, and are likely to drink white whine spritzer, listen to Yanni, and make Coluans seem, well, formidable.
Smart money's on Thanagar.

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