June 7, 2005

Mixed Bag: Non-Stop Hit Parade Commentary

Since somebody's gotta go first...luckily, I was able to get all of my Mixed Bag CDs out. (Plus, to be honest, I was chomping at the bit to post this - consider this your lucky day, it's two postings in one). For those who are interested, here's the CD commentary from "Non-Stop Hit Parade"

And away-y-y-y-y we go!....

Harder to Pretend, Rocket Park - this is the leadoff track from The Effects of Eating Too Much Television, and I strongly urge you to get this album. Probably one of the best kickoffs - and greatest songs - ever made.

One Track Mind, Johnny Thunder/Heartbreakers - no, not Tom Petty's band, this is a band by the second greatest junkie guitarist in existence. I dare you not to air guitar to this song.

Teenage Kicks, the Undertones - I've blogged about this song before. Trust me, you will fall so deeply in love with this song you will want to marry it.

Now They'll Sleep, Belly - OK, I'm a mid 90's alterna-geek. Could have chosen Feed the Tree (the obvious hit), but the way this song kicks from dreaminess to poppiness is pure genius.

I Can't Imagine the World Without Me, Echobelly - despite the female singer's tendencies towards over-Morrisseyness, a pretty rollicking tune.

Vanilla Blue, Naked Raygun - Classic old school Chicago punk which moves from a Spanish-sounding beat to classic 4/4 time.

Making Fun of Bums, Too Much Joy - A smart, snarky song with big 80's production. Plus, Teller directed one of their videos!

(This Song is Gonna Make A) Great Video), the Vacant Lot - these are the brattier younger brothers of the Kids in the Hall. A self-aware blast of pure pop power.

Fight Fire, the Golliwogs - if this band sounds like a punky Creedence Clearwater Revival, it's because it was a punky Creedence Clearwater Revival. Yep, that's John Fogerty and the guys revving up with this garage-y tune. The guitar riff alone will haunt you for days.

I'm A Man, Spencer Davis Group - more shagadelic than Austin Powers could ever hope to be.

Robot Hell, Futurama - sometimes, you just gotta get your geek on.

Know Your Product, The Saints - killer '77 Aussie punk with horns. If this doesn't get your groove on, I don't know what will.

Saturday Night Special, the Runaways - nice and sleazy, with a killer Joan Jett vocal and great Lita Ford guitar lead.

I Don't Know, the Replacements - Have always been a big 'Mats fan, but didn't want to do the obvious track. (Besides, the chorus sounds rather familiar...)

Fett's Vette, MC Chris - another example of "getting your geek on" (and several of his songs are downloadable from his web site).

Baby, Oh No Bow Wow Wow - OK, I dug this song in high school, which made me about the age of the then lead-singer. Not one of their obvious hits, consider this a tip o'the hat to Mr. Hembeck

Melancholia, The Who - a little known number from the Who's greatest 1960's album. If you don't agree with me, I will have to fight you.

Another Girl, Another Planet, the Only Ones - cool Lou Reed impersonation, great riff. A shoulda-been that never was.

Me Against the Monkey, Team 9 - a mashup of "Me Against the Music" by Britney Spears and "Monkey Gone to Heaven" by the Pixies. Works better than you would think, and they have more cool stuff on their site.

I'll Make You Happy, Easybeats - better known for Friday on My Mind, I like this song much better. Why it never succeeded in the US, I have no idea.

You Say You Don't Love Me, the Buzzcocks - not one of their obvious hits, but well worth hearing. Helps begin shifting the tone, and is a nice, wistful (if punky) song.

The Harder They Come, Jimmy Cliff - a little break, to clear the palate, and is one of the tunes I'm currently grooving to.

Can You Dig It, the Monkees - yes, that's right. A Middle-Eastern flavored number from Head, and one of those songs that simply hypnotizes with each note.

The Origin of Love, Hedgwig & the Angry Inch - Saw the movie with a friend of mine at Free Movie Night at Frederick's. The animated sequence in the film featuring this song was worth the price of admission.

Love and Mercy, Brian Wilson - first heard this song in a movie, just had to track down this track. The first verse may be awkward, but helps end the disc on a graceful note.

(And to the first person who identifies the source of the outro, my kudos and respect)

My only regret - couldn't find a Beatles song to insert, but how do you pick just one song?

Coming soon - more disc reviews!

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