June 18, 2005

Oh, My God, They Memed Gordon!

Actually, Logan memed me (meaning I have to go back to Memes Anonymous meetings), so here I go with my answers to this meme:

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? (Assume you also get baseline superhero enhancements like moderately increased strength, endurance and agility.)

Personally, I would want ESP powers - telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, the works. That way, I could have infinite influence over people, and never have to get up from watching Farscape to fetch a beverage.

Which, if any, 'existing' superhero(es) do you fancy, and why?

Power Girl, for her obvious attributes. (Runners up: Dian Belmont, Captain Jack Harkness - yes, I'm straight, but he can really turn a guy's head)

Which, if any, 'existing' superhero(es) do you hate?

Logan's parents, for not visiting Walgreens. (Just kidding, dude). Actually, after issue one of Breach, I had to call suicide prevention - bad Captain Atom rip-off. (Runners up: any hero that has ever been touched by Rob Liefeld since Hawk & Dove)

What would your superhero name be? (No prefab porn-name formulas here, you have to make up the name you think you’d be proud to mask under.)

Let's see...it would have to be one of the following:
  • Coffee Achiever
  • Advocacy Lad
  • The Crimson Overachiever; or
  • Mike Sterling
For extra credit: Is there an ‘existing’ superhero with whom you identify/whom you would like to be?

Actually, he's no longer published, but I always felt an affinity with Jack Knight's Starman - a geek with father issues flying around, not really wanting to be a hero, and having the guts to give it up for love. Plus, it was one of the most intelligently written series around.

Pass it on. Three people please, and why they’re the wind beneath your wings.

I don't like passing memes without permission, but here goes - sending it out to the three people least likely to respond: Brian, Zombie Tom and Scott. Apologies if you got memed before.

As always, I keed, I keed.

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