July 17, 2005

Curse Sir Walter Raleigh

More random clippings from the 'Net while I brew up some actual, all-in-one posts. (Hey, job searching's a full-time endeavor - I can't maintain quality entertainment all the time, you know).

First, visit Comic Book Galaxy. You'll see many of the usual suspects, but it's a great read, especially if you're supposed to be working on spreadsheets, or something. And a hearty shout-out to Tosy & Cosh.

It's the fight you were waiting for - Jessica Alba vs. John Byrne (kind of).

Greg at Delenda Est Carthago (which is Latin for "there is a kitten in my trousers") dares you to see if you can "roll" with him.

For anyone who considers themselves a film geek, purchase and watch this DVD. Trust me, you will be royally schooled.

Coming soon: more Mixed Bag goodness, a film review of a different kind, another bloody Doctor Who post, and cool guy tips plagiarized from Johnny Bacardi.

Be there. Aloha.

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