July 18, 2005

Job Huntin' Ain't Easy

First, mandatory pop culture mention - thanks to a Creative Commons licence, you can now download the worst movie ever made. (At least, the worst movie without Ethan Hawke) Enjoy!

Anyway, in the month since I left my former employer, you would think I might take it easy. Lay around the house, let my beard grow, avoid hygene, wear the same t-shirt and shorts for days, and just bemoan my fate. Let's face it, procrastination was my middle name, and it says so on my driver's licence.

However, I had a chance to take an inventory this weekend - catch up on tracking all of my job-related tasks. Here now, are the averages. Believe me, I'm shocked myself:
  • At least 1 - 2 resumes sent per day
  • Four interviews, with one leading to a second interview
  • At least one follow up note per week
  • Attendance at eight separate networking forums
  • Three - count 'em - three revisions of my resume (available for your inspection upon request)'
  • Several heads-up about job openings before they are formally announced
You're probably wondering...so what? I guess I'm just waxing a little philosophical this evening, but I'm glad that I'm keeping busy and moving forward in my career. (Of course, a part time gig to keep the kitty in catnip would be very helpful).

As a special thank you for reading, here's a Watchman Microhero:

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