July 3, 2005

Tales from the Pull File

That's right - it's Pull File time. Let's see what my local comics retailer (and my semi-literate) taste has for me from the past few weeks....

Astro City: The Dark Age # 1 - This is an oft-anticipated arc (at least, I wanted to read it). It's an intriguing mix, blending the action with "real-life" history (and with a sharp eye for detail, as per Suspension of Disbelief). Definitely a keeper.

Albion # 1 - Take some obscure British comic characters (at least, obscure at this end of the pond), mix with some sly nods to British pop culture (including, but not limited to, Dan Dare and Biggles), give a pinch of Alan Moore, and you have a pretty decent story - a series that Terra Obscura should have been.

Ex Machina # 11 - You know, I honestly thought the fortune-teller story in the previous issue was going to be the beginning of the arc. Although the appearance of another "hero" is intriguing, it will be interesting to see how this affects Mayor Hundred's administration.

Flash # 223 - You know, I won't spoil this - I like the story so far, but the ending was...well, I'm glad I'm not too rabid a fanboy. Some great ideas, but it seemed like Johns pulled the ending out of the air. After this arc finishes, I'm off the book.

Green Lantern # 2 - Maybe I got subscribed because I read Rebirth, but I'm giving up this book after issue 2. For one thing, it is way too fannish - yes, it's an old character, but do we really need to steep it in past continuity this early in the game? (I also don't see the "great wrong" that was corrected - ok, they could have cured Jordan and he could have been renamed). Plus, the whole "green is hot/black is cold" reveal made GL the McDLT of the DCU.

Invincible # 23 - You know, all those fanboys who decry that comics are too "adult" should give this book a try. Coming straight after Invincible # 0 - and featuring Allen the Alien - it's a straight shot of Silver Age-style goodness.

JLA # 115 - As one of the few fans of Identity Crisis, it was good to see some attempt to deal with the aftermath. However, this may end up being given up mid-arc. Just have to read and see.

Klarion # 2 - You know, I almost gave up on this book, but it's good to see the separate arcs beginning to come together in a slight way. Maybe Morrison was sleepwalking when he was writing this, but hey, give me more.

Legion of Super Heroes # 7 - It's not coincidental that the poses on this cover reflect those of the first issue. We see more of the 31st Century, learn more about the "impending threat", and...well, this may be the first Legion that works without a Superboy.

Plantetary # 23 - I like to think of this book the way I thought of singles/albums in the past - once you put all the singles together, you have one killer combination. Even though this focuses on the drummer (and not the usual wink-and-nudge postmodern take on comic history), this is still one powerful book.

Shining Knight # 3 - Again, more interesting Morrison storytelling. This is one of those "you-don't-see-a-twist-coming" plots, and...well, I can't wait until issue 4.

Supreme Power # 17 - You know, even naked women can't redeem the slow, poor plotting of this book. (JMS, I'm talking to you). I'm sure that many in the blogosphere who complained about Identity Crisis/Avengers Disassembled will proclaim how "mature" this is because a main character is 1) in a strip club and 2) is shown in a morning-after scene. Any promise it initially showed is slowly slipping away.
Obligatory Snarky Comment: Of course, many of those same fanboys will find a moment of pleasure with this, Green Lantern #2, and a bottle of hand lotion.
My apologies - had to get that comment out of my system. For the record, I'm no prude - I just prefer that if you are gratuitous and titillating, you are at least honest about it.

Waking Dead # 18 - Recommended by Logan, and I'm going to have to listen to him more frequently when it comes to comics. Zombies make good entertainment! (Also, dude, good call on Made)

Young Avengers # 5 - Still my favorite Marvel book: granted, it's a little more than a fill-in-the-arc issue, but there were a few surprises and twists - enough to make me want to keep reading.

Until next time, kids, have fun on the Fourth, and spend your time in that all-American activity: barbecuing meat and downloading science fiction theme remixes.

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