August 20, 2005

Bloggin' Around

I'm accepting the challenge - read ten new blogs and comment on them? Sure, why not - it's not like I had anything else to do at work yesterday. (Other than drink free soda and eat free microwave kettle corn). (I also gave myself a rule to only check out blogs that had been updated within the past 48 hours - yes, Laura said "a few weeks", but I was lazy). My ultimate criterion for whether I liked something or not - would I add it to my blogroll?

First up, Unqualified Offerings - although it was under comics blogs, it seemed more like a leftist political blog, which is fine. However, being used to Greg's and Chris' strong leftist writing, it just doesn't grab me. No blogroll for you!

Now, one definite addition is going to be Moose in the Closet - it's half blurb, half short prose piece, and some great reading. Definitely worth checking out, and possibly will head to the blogroll.

As my last former girlfriend keeps reminding me - Size Matters. (I've always wanted to use that joke). Focusing on mini-comics, it's a definite change from some of the major coverage. Great writing style, and the blogger shares my love of Starman. Definitely going on the blogroll.

The only thing clever about Chipped Ham Productions is the name - mostly a straightforward listing of comic solicitations and DVD releases. Nothing that really strikes home for me.

Counter-Culture reads a lot like a British version of Dorian's blog, only with a more acidic wit. And plus, that's an insult to both blogs - Counter-Culture contains some excellent insights into comics, and has the greatest comic blog quote I have ever read. Definitely on the blogroll.

Speaking of unfair comparisons, Pop Culture Gadabout does for Pop Culture what Mike's blog does for comics. Man, oh, man, I can't believe I missed this blog in my searches. This is mandatory reading, my friends.

Although it didn't spark my interest right away, I'm definitely checking out Tales from the Longbox again - a great mix of news with personal insight and sharing. Not bad, but maybe it was just the mood I was in - willing to give it another chance.

Next up, is the KC Comix Scene - that's right, 300 miles away, there's a thriving indie scene. Who knew? (More importantly - is there a St. Louis comix scene?) It's not enough to make me want to move to KC (I've visited twice, and hated it both times), but it is enough for me to want to read more.

If I could give grades for sheer fun, Zilla and the Comics Junkies would get an A triple plus. It's cool, enthusiastic, and it's "Panel of the Day" posts remind me of the small pleasures of comic reading. There's a great spirit and excitement to it, and is well worth your time.

Finally, there's Freak Comics - it's got Stickman downloads! I love Stickman! It's a good blog. Need I say more.

Luckily, this whole challenge has reintroduced me to Dr. Sordid, a comics blogger with a unique perspective. I can't believe that I actually never blogrolled him. Now I can make amends and do so.

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