August 17, 2005

Meme-ry, all alone in the moonlight

As you can see, I've added 52nd City (focusing on STL culture), Ramblin' with Roger, Eddie-torial Comments, and Spoilt! (from the same mind who brought you Cognitive Dissonance). This site and one of Andy's posts are not-so-subtle reminders: Set your standards high - if you don't buy lousy stuff, they may stop making lousy stuff.

Here's a meme that's going around, since both Roger and Greg have completed it; although I didn't get tagged, let's face it - I need to lose the man of mystery image I have. Plus, it's kind of fun to share.

1. Ten years ago: In August 1995, I had just moved to my first apartment, was working for a now-completed study, and working towards my master's in Counseling.

2. Five years ago: I was working for the Greater St. Louis Treatment Network, and had just begun getting involved in Metropolis St. Louis. Was also dating someone at the time that went nowhere.

3. One year ago: worked a conference that my now-former employer puts on, was continuing work in tobacco prevention, and basically...well, realized that I had no life. I think I had also started co-chairing a local coalition, and feeling royally burned after attempting to coordinate a circus that was a Metropolis election. (Me, bitter and cynical? Nah).

4. Yesterday: Went to my temp position, had a lunch meeting with the Young Friends Committee of Boys and Girls Town of Missouri, went home, and went straight to last night's County Council meeting. The ordinance was shot down, if you hadn't heard.

5. Today: Work, then head home, check my e-mail, and then visit friends.

6. Tomorrow: A meeting with the Missouri Public Health Association, followed by chairing a board meeting, and then some work. Tomorrow night - if I'm lucky - maybe laundry.

7. Five snacks I enjoy: popcorn, caramel bullseyes, bananas, pineapple...does a pint of Ben & Jerry's count as a snack?

8. Five bands I know the lyrics of most of their songs: Beatles, Replacements, The Jam, The Who, and Graham Parker and the Rumor.

9. Five things I would do with $100,000,000: pay off my pesky student loans; invest the rest in savings; purchase a house in St. Louis; start an education fund for my godson & my cousin's other kids; do some travelling.

10. Five locations I'd like to run away to: Rome, London, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago.

11. Five Bad Habits: I'm a bit of a pack rat, I bite my fingernails, I procrastinate (but am getting better), I can be a bit verbally abusive, and I make way too much meth. Just kidding on the meth - I can be too pessimissitic and worrying.

12. Five things I like doing: Blogging, reading books, seeing movies, Cardinals games (after years of living with bad baseball, it's refreshing to see some good baseball) and fishing.

13. Five TV shows I like: Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Doctor Who, The Prisoner, Lost, and The Denny Crane Show, er, I mean, Boston Legal

14. Famous People I'd like to meet: Living or dead. Jesus Christ, Groucho Marx, G.K. Chesterton, Alan Moore, and Robert B. Parker.

15. Biggest joys at the moment: My godson, Logan. My cat, Dax, despite her foul disposition. Cool job opportunities.

16. Favorite toys: My cell phone (with a cool Bejeweled game), and my lucky 8-ball. Yes, I own a Lucky 8-ball. Got a problem with that?

17. Five people to tag: Tom Cruise, the Pope, President Bush, Lindsey Lohan, and the guy who wrote The DaVinci Code. I'm trying to wean myself from tagging people - you can spread disease that way.

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