August 1, 2005

How Ya Got Here

It's everyone's favorite blogging game - when you can't think of something substantial to write about, check out the referral logs and make snide comments! Join on in!

(And also be sure to check out how one Canadian is more "American" in fighting for free speech than some of us under the border - great stuff from the Accordion Guy!)

soured rotton - I love this dish, especially covered in cilantro

download big finish audios free - why not just purchase them here? Save yourself a boatload of federal prosecution.

"harry potter" "so you want to be a wizard" ripoff - Ah, if only it were that easy.

gordon song a gordon for me a gordon for you etc - E-I-E-I-OOOOOHH! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

of mice and men different creative endings - my favorite Of Mice and Men ending involves flying monkeys.

what is the song that cj craig performs the jackal to - Um, "Baby Hit me One More Time?"

Liefeldian - I get credit and royalties for creating this word. Honest.

ajay, st. louis, blog - right here

nude pics of tracy beaker - you know, I guess Blogger is to porn what Yahoo Mail! is to spam, or something.

greg brill blog - the blog of Ian's evil twin

"mark valley" "faraway" - no it isn't; it's only about half an hour down highway 40 (or, as they
say in Missouri, "fahrty").

fifth doctor who theme song - "I fly through space, I fight Daleks, I like to press wild flowers..."

who needs a social life - 97% of the population, that's who.

The So Long Goodbyes - I love this band, especially their big hit, "She Was Only a Stock- broker's Daughter, but Everyone Wanted Their Share"'

Goodnight Mister Tom Michelle Magorian compare similar difference film movie - Kids, don't drink and blog. Seriously.

The Doll House play foreshadowing - I think it happens in Act One, when Uncle Vanya leads a Romulan fleet into Federation space.

swingers movie lines - this search is so money, baby.

charlie chaplin symbolism - His mustache represents angst, and his cane represents socialism, or something.

family guy quotes - "Damn you all!" (And by the way, for those who are fans - is it just me, or do the new episodes totally suck?)

unemployment blog - a depressing read.

is the boondock saints based on a true story - kids, this is what "Jamie Lee Curtis strip scene" was a few months ago - the most common search.

SWINGERS FOR CASH - hey, a guy's gotta earn money somehow

tardy turtle quiet song - crayons taste like purple.

And don't forget - my top five referral sites. You'll all get a special prize.

Thanks, kids, and remember: orange sherbert + vanilla ice cream = fun summer treat!

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