August 2, 2005

Tempin' Ain't Easy

That's right - I haven't given up the search for a permanent job, but I got a call for my first temp assignment. (That's before I had an appointment with another temp agency - this blog entry comes straight from the Central Branch of the St. Louis Public Library - thank 'em when you get a chance).

Of course, it's going to be a challenge - it's through the end of this week, and I have 1) an interview late Thursday afternoon and 2) a big presentation to present at my former employer's youth conference on Friday.

I know what you're saying - "Gordon, you're a well-read babe magnet. You have an advanced degree. Why are you settling for temp work?"

And there's the rub - it's temporary. Unlike some other local bloggers I know, I won't blame my predicament on "Bush's America" or "evil employers", because 1) all of my former employers are not evil; 2) it's just not cool to blame people, and 3) despite the economic situation, I can - at the very least - do something to take care of myself. If it means using my freakishly fast 80-words-a-minute keyboard speed, so be it.

(Hey, I can be secretary for the Justice League - how cool is that?

I also found out that I'm one of ten (10!) candidates for a part-time executive director position (which I would, well, have to hit the the ground running on to make it full time), which helps sweeten the deal. Although I'm going to have to be a clerical wage monkey, at the same time, I'm stoked - usually, I get a job when I'm the most busy, and if this is a sign of things to come, the offers should just be pouring in (as long as I network, send out my resume, etc).

And by the way, kids, avoid Primerica - I "interviewed" there, meaning they tried to sell me on their pyramid scheme, er, I mean, "entrepreneurial opportunity." When you get a sales pitch rather than are asked about your job skills, big clue. Plus, this Google search links to many articles, some of which are interesting.

So kids, have fun, behave yourselves, and remember - erasers are not edible.

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