September 10, 2005

Bowling for Snark

(This post will be snark-free; I just always wanted to give a post that title. I'm sure there's a blog out there called "Bowling for Snark". )

In going through my hard drive, found the picture you see on your left - given my professional background, my close and personals will really get a chuckle. Enjoy!

First, I've gotten a new temp assignment, but it looks like a great job opportunity - the job I interviewed for last week - is looking better. For those of you so inclined, please continue those good vibes. I really appreciate it.

Various comics (and pop culture) related thoughts:

  • At my new assignment, I had to make a phone call to Scotland. Why is it, whenver I hear "Scotland", I think tennis playing blancmanges?
  • Unlike others, I actually kind of like the Simone/Liefeld Teen Titans story (at least the first part). Is it just me, or was Liefeld's art a little too, er, "scratchy"?
  • I never saw how people could accuse Denis Leary of ripping off Bill Hicks, since both are as different as beer and bourbon. Hicks was an intellectual at heart; Leary was more snark run rampant. Yes, I am renting The Complete Denis Leary, why do you ask?
  • Thanks to Greg for selecting me as the winner of his contest - although I have to admit, it's as much fun entering blog contests as it is winning them.
  • Is it just me, or is JSA Classified # 2 setting up Power Girl to have the Composite Superman's powers? (I don't think that's a bad thing)
Well, this weekend is back to letter writing, resume faxing, and getting a well deserved rest.

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