September 8, 2005

Fruits of Netsurfing

Well, everyone, while I'm waiting for steady employment, here are some highlights from the blogosphere:

Congrats to Mike Sterling on his 1000th post (and dude, let's do a Doctor Who round robin sometime), and to Logan for becoming an older brother/role model.

Dave's Long Box is now my most favorite comics blog ever. (Caution - may not be work safe)

Also, it pays to read your comments - otherwise, I never would have found Jessica's blog.

I like Ramen Noodles!

Spinster shows us some really classy photos of the Japanese festival.

You know, I always get Norman Fell and Jack Klugman confused, but thanks to the Church of Klugman, I see the light.

Massive movie fun: Andy discusses the greatest movie ever made in Chicago, and Greg recasts a classic.

Thanks to Boing Boing and Laura (and I can't find the more exact link), here are two free time management tools.

Dorian shows us that Supergirl's continuity isn't the only thing that may be slightly off-kilter.

Jamie at Something Old, Nothing New writes about how groundbreaking Leave It to Beaver was. Yes, I'm serious, why do you ask?

Do you dig freeware? Then check this out.

I'm seriously thinking about joining blogcritic like fellow blogger Tom the Dog. Any thoughts?

It's great to find another "brother in bronze" in Dr. Sordid - anyone who knows who Doc Savage was earns infinite kudos.

Finally, I'm going to miss these guys. They might have been bratty, but at least they were lively.

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