September 14, 2005

Things That Make You Go, "Awwwwww"

First, last night I learned that I'm one of three finalists for the major position that I've been harping about in this blog. Decision will be made next Tuesday. If I owe you major favors, I'll cash them in. Want good karma.

Secondly, this morning, as I was heading out of my apartment building heading to work, I found a small, young cat attempting to wrap itself around my ankles. It looked like a cat that had been through a wash cycle and its colors had bled - black, orange, and white all mixed together to make it look rather ragged. Of course, it also "assaulted" several of my neighbors, and I swear, it almost jumped in my car with me as I headed to work. (Luckily, though, I shooed it away, making it follow an elderly neighbor taking his morning constitutional around the parking lot)

Normally, I would take it in for the day, or at least until I could find its owner, but seeing as 1) I saw one of my neighbors showering the cat with affection last night, and 2) Dax, my current cat, is "queen of the castle" (whom my vet recommends remaining a single cat), meant that I had to be a heartless cynic and let the small feline friend remain, alone, in the outside, with cloudy skies.

Gee, and people wonder why I'm still single. Going mushy over a stray cat - not exactly the manliest thing to do.

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