September 12, 2005

Why Couldn't I Have Been Brainiac 5?

You know, nothing says "great Saturday night" like hanging out with several young women with whom I serve with for this organization at a Trivia Night for the St. Louis Science Center. All I can say is, for everything I lack in scientific knowledge, I more than make up for in watching bad television for most of my life. All in all, the women were warm, the beer cold, and the trivia was flowin'. I think they were most impressed that I knew what "Biro" was.

Of course, thanks to this quiz I "borrowed" from Mike, I now know why I am always placed in the "friend zone"....and now it's time for some light, fluffy reading.

You're Salu Digby, Violet!

Which Legionnaire are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Note: Somewhere in my blogroll I've hidden two new (well, one new and one readded) blogs - first person to find them wins a personalized e-mail from me. Enjoy!

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