December 12, 2005

Answers Are A Prison

Yes, friends, it's that time again - time for me to answer your questions, as I had requested in a previous post. Let's get cracking!

Franny asks, I'm prone to go on rants about bad character death. But I'm curious: what is a good death in comics? So, Gordon, what was your favorite character death?

On that completely morbid note, I have to say - original Starman Ted Knight's death during the Grand Guignol arc (or issue #72), which inspired this Absorbascon post. No big hype surrounding it, no way to turn it into a time travel/alternate universe retcon, we saw a hero truly being heroic, and a last stand between enemies. It brings a slight tear to my eyes.

(Aside to Scipio - did Ted Knight abuse Toonpedia's puppies, or something? How else do you explain the tone? And be sure to check out Zombie Killer's two cents)

The Church of Klugman Grand Poobah asks, You are on an airplane which is about a crash, with both Jack Klugman and William Shatner, with only two parachutes. You must save yourself - which actor do you save?

Simple - Jack Klugman, but only because Shatner would have (more than likely) grabbed a Boy Scout's backpack and jumped first.

Roger asks several questions, including

1. What is love?

Love is a burning question, baby, on our lips...oh, sorry, I'm jumping to the Treadmill's question.

In my humble opinion, love is caring for another person enough to let them be themselves.

2. What is life, or the meaning thereof?

For some, it's a cereal, for others, it's a magazine, for dictionaries, it's this. For me, it's all that stuff I do after I'm born but before I die.

3. What truly awful TV shows, films, books, et al. do you just LOVE?

Personally, I always enjoyed William Shatner's Star Trek novels, which were just a notch above fan fiction, and (until recently) never took themselves too seriously. In terms of's my guilty pleasure.

H from the Treadmill asks, If Graham Parker were a comic book super hero, which one would he be?

You mean he isn't already????? Actually, he deserves his own comic, if only for quotes like this:

"In Russia, they have to deal with a lot of misinformation...I mean, they actually believe that Billy Joel is a rock-n-roll singer"
Take that, Brian Michael Bendis!

Psychbloke, asks, What do you think of the new cybermen?

They look pretty damn cool - more metal than cloth or wet suit - and judging by this preview website, the story looks to be a sequel of this classic.

Finally, James Meekly asks, If you could have any one of Superman's powers, which would you choose and why? (I actually just did a blog entry about this, but since you don't come around there very often... )

Actually, I have visited - just wanted to give this some thought.

If I had any of Superman's powers, it would have to be flight - that way, I could fly anywhere in the world, and never have to worry about dealing with airports.

By the way, good news - job interview next week! Wish me luck, and remember - questions are only answers with low self-esteem.

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