May 31, 2006

The Joys of DSL

You know, I'm grateful I made the switch to DSL - my internet provider, luckily, has it cheap enough (and had a great deal) where it was actually more affordable than dial-up. So, on a wing and a prayer, I decided to leap into the 21st century.

I saw a clear future - no more bugging pal Brian for illegally downloaded Doctor Who episodes; no more fighting my mother over her computer so I could illegally download Doctor Who episodes on her computer when I visited in Chicago - I could browse and basically hog bandwidth like Pauly Shore hogs onto the delusion that he's talented.

(By the way, I'm planning on buying the episodes when they're released domestically on DVD, so don't wag your finger. Wag it at Mike "Cheaterpants" Sterling instead)

However, it did not come without at least one major gaffe - my e-mail wasn't working. I even switched between Courier (my personal favorite e-mail software) and Thunderbird (thinking that I needed to go more open source) - however, after a call to my provider's technical support, I got the correct settings, and the winner is...Courier. It supports multiple SMTPs much better than Thunderbird, and despite the slightly clunky interface, handles my accounts like a charm. (New Project: configuring it for Gmail. Oh boy, is this gonna be fun...)

But anyway, my new site of choice is the ubiquitous YouTube. In that spirit, here's Christopher Titus with whom I share similar dating trends:

More comics and pop culture shtick later.

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