June 4, 2006

Sunday Dibbling With the Dibbleys

Spent part of yesterday morning on a planting/volunteer project, and so I got to use a dibble. The picture to the left refers to a family of characters from Red Dwarf. Please learn to note the difference.

And now, without further adieu, some comics (and other) related thoughts this Sunday morning.
  • Just caught Idiot's Lantern, the latest new Doctor Who episode (at least, the one I can get my hands on) is one that should have been a two-parter. Witty, inventive, a little rushed...just proves that, like last year's subtle The Unquiet Dead, Mark Gatiss knows how to write good scripts. More, please.
  • Mike - if I would have known you would have snapped, I would have never made this suggestion.
  • With the news that Batwoman will be a lipstick lesbian, I have no idea what disgusts me more: the casual homophobia at least one of DC's staff; the fact that some fanboys are screaming "politically correct" without knowing what the phrase means or not getting up from behind the computer and taking a look outside; the fact that other fanboys are making sniggering, stupid comments like, "Gee, I wonder what's in her utility belt" and seeing how blatantly stupid those comments are; or that DC should maybe consider focusing on diversity within its writing/art staff before making the DC universe diverse.
  • Sorry about that - had to get on my soapbox. Please feel free to e-mail me with any criticisms or comments.
  • Since only two bloggers entered the blogiversary contest, they both win. I'll have both of their entries up within the next week, and I'll also send them their prizes next weekend.
  • To be a little politically incorrect, it's sad when you have to explain to someone the concept of Crisco Twister.
  • Courtesy of Lifehacker, here are strategies to win something from those "claw machines"
  • Finally, tomorrow is my dad's birthday. In that spirit, here's a clip that demonstrates how well Dad and I got (and get) along:

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