June 9, 2006

Mixed Bag 4: The Voyage Home

Slowly, but surely, I'm making my way through the many discs I received as part of Lefty Brown's fourth Mixed Bag Exchange. In keeping with our previous trends, here are some more ponderings on various' bloggers' musical tastes.

First, Beaucoup Kevin's disc is perfect. I'm not a jazz/techno kind of person, but I really enjoyed his disc. It's a smooth, Sunday afternoon-ish mix with plenty of solid tracks. (One even sounded like it was taken from an LP - ah, the pops and clicks of vinyl. I miss them). Definitely been repeatedly played - so much so that my cat is annoyed, but she has no taste.

Of course, another consistently played disc is Eddie's from Renaissance Geek - like Mixed Bag 2, it's another instantly listenable set. It also has a nice theme to it, revolving around the Go-Gos. (Love the cover of "Vacation" - easily my favorite track). That, plus the kinda sorta cover of "I Will Survive" in Spanish (as Eddie explained, it's more a different lyrical track). Another must-listen.

And last - but certainly not least - is Thom from In One Ear. I like the fact that he included not one, but two tracks from Head. (OK, it's a mix CD no-no, but it actually works in this context). Some other cool tunes - although it doesn't have the sheer cleverness of Mixed Bag 2's "all 80s covers"...it's still pretty darn impressive. Another consistenly played disc in the household.

And mandatory 52 reviews - up to issue 4, and it's going pretty well. The pace is somewhat slow - however, what do you expect from a weekly comic. Expecting to head into the comic shop and be gently blown away by # 5.

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