June 5, 2006

Ways to Kill Office Boredom

Since my staff is out of the office, it's left me with a significant amount of free time. (I always plan to do 3 - 4 hours of work, knowing full well that there are often times when I'll need to be away, or have to put out fires, etc). However, for many of you out there who may be bored at work, here are some tips. Enjoy!
  • If you have one of those office chairs with wheels (and a smooth floor), nothing says "time waster" quite like pushing off with your feet and bumping into your office furniture.
  • Offer free body piercings to your coworkers using your stapler.
  • Create the perfect fantasy person with this and these. (Gender is up to you)
  • Dial random extensions and, when they pick up, pretend they are calling you.
  • When your phone rings, hit the speaker phone button and announce in a stern voice, "Batman speaking"
  • Read and leave comments on blogs. If pressed, claim that you're doing "community outreach"
  • Watch YouTube - if you have no sound card on your computer (like on mine), dub in your own dialogue a la MST3K
  • Leave comments such as "Mike Sterling is a big cheaterpants", and then check Google to see how the blog ranks in the search
  • Write Wikipedia entries...and make up stuff

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's back to time wasting, er, I mean work. I have important forms to fill out. Yeah, that sounds right.

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