September 8, 2006

Announcing the "Burn THIS, Pal!" CD Exchange!

You know, I was looking for a way to increase blog traffic, use my new CD/DVD burner/reader, and - of course - avoid paying real money for CDs. So, in the spirit of the unflappable Lefty Brown, I am announcing the first ever "Burn THIS, Pal!" CD exchange, where you - the blog reader - gets a chance to learn more about some cool music.

However, there's a catch - your discs have to have a "Law and Order" theme. That's right - you can focus on songs that describe law, order, and righteousness, or you can select songs that deal with criminals, crime, lowlifes, or even cheater pants. (Thanks, Lefty, for the theme idea)It's a great way to learn the inner workings of the mind of your fellow bloggers, get some great tunes, and maybe...oh, I don't know, shake your groove thang.

Participating is easy:
  • Send me an e-mail with "Burn THIS Pal Exchange" in the subject line - the address is blogthispal (at) gmail (dot) com (Only replace the "at" and "dot" with appropriate symbols) - and include your mailing address
  • On September 12th, I'll collect all of the addresses, and e-mail everyone who participates with a list
  • Burn your discs, and have them in the mail no later than September 20th
  • Additional - anyone using any cover of either "I Fought The Law" and/or "I Shot the Sheriff" will be publicly humiliated. Come on, there are tons of cool songs out there. Be creative, fer cryin' out loud.
And with the discs, your only limit is your imagination - and if you've always been curious about your fellow bloggers, jump right in - you'll be glad you did.

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