September 6, 2006

Putting Things in Perspective

First, as things settle down, I'll be back to regular blogging - watch this space for some news.

However, I'm posting this because I recently read on Gail Simone's blog that Lea Hernandez's house caught on fire. I'm asking that, if you read this blog, you please head on over to Ms. Simone's and click on the Pay Pal link. I plan to do it, my dad would do it, and more importantly - Jack Klugman would do it. (And please feel free to pass this news around - the blogosphere isn't full of geeks, you know).

And, like many others on the blogosphere (most notably Roar of Comics and Bloggity-Blog-Blog), I am using the Official Seal Creator (found here on Lifehacker). So, ladies and gentlemen, your Zen moment of bureaucracy:

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