March 15, 2008

Your Ides of March Present

Alan Moore - Simpsons
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You know, everyone's railing on tomorrow being Palm Sunday, and Monday being St. Patrick's Day...but nobody really celebrates the Ides of March anymore.

So, in that spirit, I'm presenting the blogosphere with a gift - a series of interviews with Alan Moore originally presented on BBC's Comics Britannia series. (I've featured at least another BBC entry on the blog). They're actually pretty cool - and rather than embed them, I'll provide direct links. That way, you can watch at your leisure...and learn a little something about it as well.

Plus, as a bonus, Alan Moore sings! (Kind of).

V For Vendetta

Watchmen (with Rorschach scary voice!)

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Lost Girls

Alan Moore Sings! - Bonus Video

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