January 30, 2009

KITH Behind the Scenes - Part Five

(The following post was originally presented in April, 1994, and resulted from a Toronto trip to see a taping of the Kids in the Hall's final season. Except for formatting, this post is being presented as it originally was - punctuation and spelling errors included. Enjoy this TARDIS-free journey into my past...updated on December 18, 2020)


Same deal as last note, only I don't have the sketch names. Also, they focus the cameras on the audience before each show--sometimes they're used in the transitions. Look for a guy holding up a sign which says JOHN 3:16--that's me. 

1) Film--Dave plays a person who was a test tube baby. 


2) The Chicken Lady (Mark) wants to ride a mechanical horsey in a mall which figures prominently in many skits 

3) Film--Scott plays a gangster who hires Dave, a hit man, for a job. I won't give away the surprise ending, but it features two other Kids


4) Scott and Kevin play two old ladies who discuss a non-traditional couple's slaughtering by an axe murderer (Scott flubbed a line, and Kevin countered by doing a really funny goofy voice) 

5) Film--the Tea Man (Kevin) sees a doctor (Mark),and...well, you gotta see it for Dave's role. 

6) Bruce plays a man who asks his wife (Kevin) about buying a chess set, and they consult her father (Dave) in a diner.(There were a lot of flubs--Kevin Jumped around in the beginning, saying "there's a cramp in my foot", Bruce flubbed a line, responding "There's a cramp in my brain" and Dave flubbed a line, saying "We're not the real Kids in the Hall--we chloroformed them and took over their roles). 


7) Film--Mark & Dave play lovers who ask each other questions 

8) Mark plays a guy looking forward to eating a cookie (after this sketch, Mark yells "This sketch cost $80,000!" nobody yelled "Screw you taxpayer!") 

9) Film--Buddy (Scott) eagerly awaits a mail order catalog delivery in a 50s style film 


10) Bruce shines Kevin's shoes and makes some neat comments 

11) Film--Mark & Dave play lovers who ask each other questions 


12) Dave plays a florist who gives Mark some good advice 

13) Film--Mark & Dave play lovers who ask each other questions (if memory serves me well, this was a different scenario than 11)

14) Comedian who opened show does another small set 

15) Kevin tells a woman (Bruce) she has a yacky kid.Featuring Mark and Dave 

16) Film--Danny (Scott) impresses his boss (Dave) with his underarm odor, which is then marketed as Husk Musk.Featuring a cameo by Gavin (Bruce) 


17) Kathy (Bruce) impresses her coworkers with a story about her fling with a dry cleaner (Mark) 


All in all, a marvelous experience. 

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