January 29, 2009

KITH Behind the Scenes - Part Four

(The following post was originally presented in April, 1994, and resulted from a Toronto trip to see a taping of the Kids in the Hall's final season. Except for formatting, this post is being presented as it originally was - punctuation and spelling errors included. Enjoy this TARDIS-free journey into my past...updated on December 18, 2020) 

CHAPTER 4 -- 3/23/94 SKETCHES Here are the sketches for Wednesday's taping. Except for one title, I was able to get most of the titles of the sketches from Chadwick (the classmate of Scott's cousin). I'll indicate filmed pieces, BB means "band break" aka SMOASP, and I've written descriptions so that they won't spoil your enjoyment of the sketches when you see them.

POOR RICHARD--Kevin plays a man who talks to his clothes.   

MERCENARY (filmed)--Mark plays a man who has a little problem with relationships.


YES, MINISTER--Buddy helps a gay couple (Mark and Kevin) get married, and offers his usual insights, as well as discussing his sordid past as an Anglican minister. 

LOVES YA--Bruce plays a guy who's sincere in his love for his girlfriend (Dave) 

NEW BOOTS (filmed)--Bruce buys a pair of steel toed boot which come in really handy 


SAM & JANET--Dave and Scott play wife and husband (Dave, in drag, announces before the sketch that "there ain't nothing like doing a sketch in bed". Then a flub occurred when the monitor blinked into black and white, after which Scott announced "We originally wrote the sketch in black and white, and were going to colorize it later") 


SPERM BANK--featuring Shona (Bruce) and her cohorts (Mark and Scott)

MONKEYS (filmed)--Dave threatens to let the monkeys loose, and Mark backs him up. 

NEEDED ELSEWHERE--Smitty from Steps (Kevin) introduces his new lover (Scott) to his sister and brother in law (Dave and Mark) 


Unknown--I didn't get the name of this skit, but Mark and Scott play the agents who help a bartender (Kevin) realize his dreams


OLD PEOPLE--Bruce talks about old people, a soap opera, and other stuff


END OF EPISODE--all the Kids except Bruce (who was in makeup) come out, they wonder where he is, and Scott asks aloud "Has he quit on us AGAIN?" 

Next--Saturday: the final chapter! 

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