February 1, 2009

Back on the Chain Gang

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed Kids in The Hall week - it was a good chance for me to recycle some old posts, to revisit a favorite show, and...well, to revisit my past in a healthy way. But things have happened in the interim...and so, this post is a way of playing catch-up on various and sundry happenings. Enjoy!

  • My take on the January 15th episode of Smallville, featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes: I kind of liked it. Granted, it helps move the show away from angsty teen drama and more towards Ultimate Superman, but there was plenty to recommend about it...so much so that I wish there was a Legion spin-off series (but I may be the only person who wants that).
  • Happy belated birthday to Fred Hembeck!
  • Mom's health continues to be a challenge, especially since she was in the hospital last week for dehydration - one of the complications of her liver problems. My only frustration - well-meaning friends who keep providing inaccurate medical advise (for the record: drinking stuff like Gatorade will not help Mom. It's a liver thing).
  • Speaking of medical issues...for all the doctors reading this blog: Mom may need to be hospitalized to get fluids intravenously. Please don't talk about it like she's a car going in for an oil change.
  • Although I'm enjoying some of the events on Battlestar Galactica (especially this past episode)....much of it feels like season five of Babylon 5. And that's not a compliment.
  • Doom Patrol Archives # 5 - I'm sure somewhere, someone can enjoy this and still complain about how non-linear Final Crisis is...which would be a lie.
  • Finally, good news - my place of employment has offered (and I've accepted) the opportunity to move from freelance to full-time. So now not only do I get health benefits...but it also means that I actually have to do work. Go figure.

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