October 7, 2009

About The New Logo. Yes, That New Logo

As everyone knows by now, the new logo for Doctor Who has been released to the general public (as per the above video), and I have to admit...I kind of like it.

It has the feel of logos past - short, efficient, and to the point, and is much better (in my view) than the current logo. Of course, being the snarkmeister that I am, wanted to take objection to some of the commentary on the net.
  • Call this the "any dude with Photoshop/GIMP/photo manipulation software could have done this" - I'm not one to judge, being graphically challenged myself (you should see the way I dress at times), but some dude with photo manipulation software who was paid by the BBC actually did it. I think that's relatively cool.
  • While we're talking do we have to start bashing Matt Smith before he takes on the role? I mean, you would think that he's doing to British science fiction what Chuck Barris did to game shows. Keep an open mind. At least, if you're going to judge, please be sure you've seen Mr. Smith act, are old enough to shave, and have moved past having an imaginary Facebook girlfriend.
  • I would like to apologize for the insult at the end of that last point. It was completely uncalled for, and merely propagates negative stereotypes about Doctor Who fans. I should know better.
But to get back to graphics - I like the DW as TARDIS motif. I like the fact that the series is essentially "rebooting" itself graphically. And it gives me hope that Doctor Who will move forward.

If not, there's always the classic series.

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