December 6, 2009

Time Travel Without Leaving The Planet

In a previous post, I disclosed my hidden, not-quite-shady-but-rather-questionable past in Who fandom. So when I made my way to visit Chicago TARDIS on Saturday, I was unsure what to expect. (Ironically, although I lost a ton of other, more important photos, I found some fuzzy Who con pictures were safe...but more on that later.

The one thing I realized early on is that I felt very much like a tourist - so much to do in one day, so little time to do it. In retrospect, I probably should (and will next year) do the full three days. Granted, it may mean driving back and forth from Lombard to Chicago, but it seems as if there was a lot to do that I wanted to do...but I had to pick and choose.

Although I didn't run into any friends/acquaintanes, I was able to meet one of the people that I wanted to - I chose not to get Phil Collinson's autograph (hey, there was a UNIT session around the same time; I'm no dummy), but made time to see Tony Lee, the writer of the new Doctor Who comic. Have to admit, I like the guy. Yes, he's crazy, but he's fun crazy.

As was the convention - granted, one day seems very little to sample a convention, but I had a pretty cool time. In fact, please feel free to check out this short slideshow - doesn't do the convention justice, but does seem to somehow make the point (Especially with some post-show highlights added).


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