November 18, 2011

Friday Five Rounds Rapid

Nicholas Courtney & Ian Marter circa 1983
It's that time,again - no, not time for me to post gushing love notes to my imaginary Facebook girlfriend. It's my weekly summary of all of my online writing and activity for the past week.

Admittedly, I've been very busy - just submitted work plans for five clients for my community/business consulting, and will be putting together a grant writing proposal; have research for two different clients; gearing up for Doctor Who 101 on Saturday and Whoverse on Sunday at 1 pm CST (please join us on Facebook!)....and I'm excited. Some really cool things are coming down the pike, and I wish I could provide more details.

Granted, I'm hoping (at some point) to see if there's a way I can combine my fan and professional interests into a full-blown business (or job - freelancing and entrepreneurship are cool, but can be extremely lonely at times). However, it is very cool, especially since I'm prepping to be a Chicago TARDIS panelist. For those of you who want to meet up and attend, my panels are
  • Five Rounds Rapid, Friday, 5:00 pm (and I think I'm uniquely qualified to participate; easily my prime choice for a panel, and I'm grateful to be considered for it)
  • Times Change, Saturday, 10:00 am
  • Criticize THIS!, Sunday, 12:00 pm (I did not name this panel. Honest.)
In addition, there's a brand new Zone 4 up on the Comic Related site, along with a new edition of my regular column - yes, you can dig the fun on Facebook, and we're starting a cool new initiative, but...well, here's Brant Fowler (who's almost as wonderful as I am) to explain the topic, which is one of my personal favorites:

And finally, as long as you're on Facebook, why not check out Whoverse and Chicago Dr. Who Meetup? And if you're in a job seeking way, there's a new guest post on Job Stalker.

Have fun, everyone!

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