November 19, 2011

Saturday Night NaBloPoMo Blues

As you might have guessed from my burst of activity this month, I'm participating in National Blog Posting Month, or "NaBloPoMo". It's a lot like NaNoWriMo, only instead of a short novel which will collect dust, I commit myself to writing a new blog post per day, not only driving the traffic of my blog, but also allowing me to engage in a semi-manic burst of creativity.

In a way, keeping current on the blog has been very helpful - I've been so swamped in freelance work, other writing gigs, and extracurricular activities that I can easily forget to keep my home fires stoked and burning. (Yes, my non-profit blog's on the sidelines - my intention is to move it to another platform and restart, along with redoing my personal website). But it's still challenging, despite changing my income stream to a more erratic one (and for those who claim that entrepreneurship means freedom, means more hustle), to create unique content that isn't focused solely on my angst and tribulations.

Yes, I have to remind myself that this is, after all, still a comics and popular culture blog, and that I need to keep myself immersed in that.

But thankfully, things are starting to shift into the next phase, and I'm starting to feel in Chicago the way I did in my St. Louis heyday (or "Obligatory Content That Roger Will Like). I'm starting to feel very centered, very much like I have my own personal network, and that I'm actually moving towards having....well, a life in Chicago. (So much so that I probably should plan a trip to St. Louis next year....and begin working on my yearly calendar/update). In fact, part of what's helping is that I've just let go of a major commitment - yes, I still have some clean-up/transitioning to do, but this will help free me up in terms of time - and mental capacity - to get back to focusing on matters right in front of me.

(That's an area where....without going into details, I'm no longer dealing with a person who has their own flavor of insanity. To put it metaphorically, we're not talking cuckoo for cocoa puffs crazy, we're talking insane in the membrane crazy. I have enough dysfunction in my life, and I hate drama; luckily, I'm now able to begin moving forward, so enough of the digression).

I honestly wasn't going to blog tonight - after a mega cool meetup, I was planning on heading to bed, but thought I would tap out a short post. I guess I'm much more loquacious than I thought.

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