December 31, 2011

My Final Post of 2011

As you can guess by my lack of blogging activity, things have kept me busy - Mom in hospital (although thankfully, not as long as this time last year); adjusting to freelance work (it's great, but I need to sharpen my time management skills); and basically just keeping myself busy and out of trouble.

(Aside to Roger - unfortunately, my efforts for Bogie/Serling Day are falling on deaf ears, which is a shame, because I honestly believe that atheists, agnostics, and not-at-all-religious people deserve their own non-sectarian holiday in December. However, Roger, you will be glad to hear that I started seeing far, we've drank coffee and seen The Muppets; although two dates is too early to tell, things are looking pretty cool, and aside from my Comic Related list, may be one of the better gifts I received this Christmas)

But one of the best highlights of recent years (as suggested by the screenshot) has been my "graphic" debut in the Zone 4 webcomic. Part of my free time is spent working on the Zone 4 podcast and the new "Transmissions from Zone 4" live on TMV Cafe, Tuesdays at 7 pm CST. (And by "live" I mean "we assemble various pieces and broadcast"). Whoverse is in the air indefinitely - mostly because our crack production staff is out of town, and Phil and I need to touch base after the first of the year (better known as "tomorrow") to see where we want to go with the show.

However, I've also been maintaining a regular presence on the Chicago Now Job Stalker blog - thankfully, my posts have had a slightly different slant on job seeking, but I have a need to start making some serious decisions - seek a full time job, or work freelance towards building my own business? Assemble notes and possibly take the leap into *gasp* writing full time? Maybe even write comics? For now, I'm making a small effort, and attempting to find out all sorts of various and sundry bits of information....but 2012 might prove to be a banner year.

In many ways, it's the first time I'm actually looking forward to the New Year. Heck, I'll be spending it at a comics shop, which seems all too apt.

See you next year!

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