January 1, 2012

Blog THIS, Pal: 2011 in Review

It's a little task that I always try to do right on the first of the year - take a look at the blog, randomly choose a quote from a post in each month, and make a list of the "best" posts of the year.

(I think I stole the idea from Mike Sterling, who is too busy, well, hanging out and writing "fake" Twitter posts. He's an online "big shot", so I don't think he'll mind if I steal one of his ideas).

So please, feel free to visit each post, and thanks to the Link Within Widget, you can explore all the great (and not so great) posts on this blog. Think of this as your "procrastination station"

January - I haven't come to praise Wizard Magazine, but to bury it.

(Note: in light of recent events, this particular selection seems almost prescient)

February - You may be tempted to download this via bitTorrent - don't 

March - Thieves may steal, but artists "borrow" as the old cliche says, but Rob Granito did neither. He lied.

April - ...every essay demonstrates a love of Doctor Who without going overboard (Or, to paraphrase another blogger, they're into Doctor Who without being into being into Doctor Who). 

May - It's not an "instant classic", but it's a pretty solid effort. And much, much better than "Fear Her".

June - By the way, Jeff, Nicholas Cage called - he wants his questionable choice in acting roles back.
July - Maybe living in a city like Chicago - with a history of a romantic view of crime and corruption - have me intrigued and draw me towards books that deal with complexity and the mysteries of existence. 

August - You would think that some intrepid past producer of classic Doctor Who would have had the insight that Steven Moffatt had: place a cowboy hat on the Doctor, and play with Western-style conventions. 

September - That's the power of being a podcaster - I don't get to call him only "Luoma"; he and I are on a first name basis. That, my friends, is the power of Zone 4)

October - Every once in awhile, Marvel does something in its comics that actually surprises me with not only how good it is, but how much I like it. 

November - ...my life in Chicago was slowly, but surely, beginning to resemble my past life in St. Louis. For the better.

December - You're taking on a huge task; getting those small moments of time for yourself is invaluable - trust me.

This year, heading in, is looking pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how things play out.

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