October 10, 2012

5 Reasons to Watch WAREHOUSE 13

Last week, I managed to accomplish something that I rarely, if ever do - catch up with a new favorite show in time for its season finale.

Warehouse 13 has been on for four years, and why I have not watched it, I don't know why. (Thanks to pal Eric Ratcliffe at New Comic Day for encouraging me to catch this show). In a spirit of informing you, the science fiction television aficionado (and since the first three seasons are on DVD), as another, better blog might suggest, here are five reasons why you should watch Warehouse 13:

  1. It's a show that's literate, knows history - and has fun with it: The premise is that artifacts from various periods of history have almost mystical powers, and that they're all stored in "America's attic" in South Dakota. From small in-jokes to the main plots, this is a show that makes it cool to be smart, and much like Alphas, often burns through the obvious plot twists to create something even grander.
  2. The Secret Service hasn't been this cool since The Wild, Wild West - Both Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) have a really great chemistry, and are the kind of leads that really make this a joy to watch. There's no will-they-or-won't-they-bickering (it's been made clear in the show they won't), but I seriously wish the leads of Elementary would watch this show and take notes.
  3. Better Christmas episodes than new Doctor Who - that's right. I said it. For flat-out holiday spirit without that feeling of going over-the-top, Warehouse 13's two (so far) Christmas episodes have been excellent, built on traditional holiday themes without seeming....well, corny.
  4. Jamie Murray as H.G. Wells (don't ask) - The love started with Hustle, and continues here. If wanting her to become a series regular is wrong, I....just don't want to be right.
  5. Everybody knows an Artie - Artie is the "head" of the Warehouse - a guy who runs the whole shebang and who has plenty of experience. Like many collectors, he has a single-mindedness of purpose and a gruff attitude that....well, everyone can identify with. Unlike people in the real world, Artie is all the more lovable for it.
OK, some of you may come up with more than five reasons, and that's fine. But really - do you want me to write about this show all the time?

Watch it for yourself. You'll really enjoy it. 

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