October 13, 2012

An Awesome-ly Tough Week

Well, have to admit - this has been a rough week.

Part of it is a nasty cold that's still slightly hanging on, so I'm feeling a little bit underenergized. Thankfully, though, it's also been a week of finishing and letting go of some projects - some temporarily, others permanently, and some setting up for me to let go of.

On a semi-related note, I nearly found myself reacting negatively to someone's use of "awesome". Rather than start an online kerfuffle, my only point is - rather than tell you that I'm awesome, I would rather focus on being awesome.

And not call people "douches" - that's one cliche that I hope we can eradicate from our language.

But two things I'm proud of this week are the latest episode of Zone 4,  which is a great conversation (and how-to) for marketing your comics or other creative endeavors. We even provide some great resources via Scribd to help you promote your efforts. 

And of course, my penultimate Job Stalker entry. Yes, more on that next week....

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