May 27, 2013

Eight Years Young and Six Weeks Late

Dax 1994 - 2013
Ok, so all of you long-standing readers have probably been wondering...where the heck has Gordon been?

Long and short of it has been an unexpected increase in my interviewing for both freelance and fulltime work - much of it has resulted in a lack of time. That, combined with some writing assignments (some paid, one not), has led me to falling behind on my blogging efforts because of concentrating on other things.

More recently, I had to have Dax - my cat - put down. Her health problems grew worse, and if she had been any younger than her nineteen years (I had her for eighteen), there might have been another option. Losing a pet is one thing; losing a constant companion who moved cross-country three times, flew on a plane, rode on a bus, and outlasted several romantic relationships (including an engagement) is a bit hard. That, combined with some other matters, has had me away from the keyboard.

But this is my rededication to blogging on a regular basis - you can read other writings at Comic Related, Chicago Nerd Social Club, Chicago Now, and soon, a Kindle and/or cool indie bookstore near you.

I'm also glad to say that I am working on issue four of Wonder Man for Excelsior Comics - three scripts are in the can, and issue one is being published online. Plans are for issue two to be released via print on demand; will let you know.

And if you've sent me items for review - I apologize for the delay. That's unprofessional on my part, and I will make amends. I promise.

Finally, soon I'll have some good news - but you're going to have to wait on that.

Thanks for reading the blog, and more importantly - thanks for your patience and understanding.

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