June 8, 2013

Losing A Domain But Returning to Form

Because I've been without work, and haven't had the resources to do so, I missed renewing my old domain, resulting in

  • someone else taking over blogthispal.com; and
  • posting content that is, well, spammy.
Now, I'm going to have to fight to regain that domain (or get another one), and with an increase in employment opportunities, that means that for the time being, my blogging will return to http://blogthispal.blogspot.com for the foreseeable future.

(RSS feed is http://blogthispal.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss)

For my old domain host - although yes, I am at fault for not paying, you've just given me a good excuse to switch. You've had quite a bad reputation for awhile, so I have no problem going with another person.

With the person using blogthispal.com - seriously, come up with your own idea and do that. It may take awhile, and will cost, but quite honestly - this is scummy, and I share the responsibility.

For you, dear reader, things will be a bit awkward (you may get a lot of 404 notices when clicking on internal links), but quite honestly - this has been neglected for too long.

So an apology, and a promise to try harder. 

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